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T H E  S T U D I O  I S  N O W  O P E N  F O R  I N - P E R S O N  L E S S O N S !

In response to the decrease in COVID-19 cases, Diva Music Studios is now offering both In-Person & Virtual Music Lessons for new and existing students.

In-Person Learning

Diva Music Studios has officially reopened for In-Person Lessons! Please read below for a few things Diva Music Studios is doing to comply with CDC guidelines for cleanliness and to help stop the spread!

  • Disinfecting high-touch surface areas before & after each student

  • A HEPA Air Purifier has been placed in the lesson room

  • Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up (Students six years old or under may be accompanied by 1 parent or caretaker, however Drop-Off is recommended.)

  • Hand sanitizer available 

  • Disposable hand towels in the bathroom 

Virtual Lessons

Since lessons with Diva Music Studios are available virtually, everyone, everywhere can become a musician! Virtual Lessons are held via Google Meet & FaceTime. 

What You'll Need:

  • 1 smart device with internet access, a front a facing camera and built in microphone.

  • Voice students are recommended to have a second smart device to play instrumental recordings from while singing. (Playing tracks from the same device as the virtual meeting lowers the audio volume.)

  • 1 Google Meet or FaceTime account.

  • 1 Printer to print out music as needed.

A Message From Musical Director, Kelly J. Fallon:

"I am excited to be able work with your children in-person again, and for some of you - for the first time! I would like to personally thank the parents who continued lessons for their children virtually during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is because of you that Diva Music Studios was able to remain in business and withstand the difficulties during this uncertain time. Thank you for having the faith in me to keep teaching your children, and the patients to adjust to this new way of learning. I think we've really got the hang of it now! Your children have flourished virtually. I am so impressed with everyone's commitment and dedication to music, and proud to work with your children virtually. Thank you. Be well and stay safe." 

Your Teacher,

Kelly J. Fallon

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