Sheet Music

Academic Excellence

The transformative learning experiences at Diva Music Studios are designed to help students grow both in and out of the classroom. Each lesson is filled with opportunities to experience new educational, social, and emotional situations. Miss Kelly creates a safe and open setting where she can help guide students explore information and the world around them. She follows a high academic standard as a guide for the creativity and leadership of her teaching style. Miss Kelly understands that everyone learns differently and at at their own pace, therefore she conducts her lesson plans individually pertaining to the student's abilities and understanding to set students ahead.

Voice Lessons

(Recommended Ages 7+)

During your voice lessons with DMS you will learn how to master your craft, find your own voice, and most importantly learn about you as the instrument! Our instructors will get to know you, your voice, your capabilities and choose a vocal curriculum that is just right for you and the goals you want to achieve. You will learn the important fundamentals of controlling and supporting your breath and sound, dynamics and rhythm, along with  proper healthy vocal techniques. With practice, patience and a little time, your voice will become stronger and you will start to understand yourself as a vocalist, as well as expand your range and grow as a musician.

Piano Lessons

(Recommended Ages 5+)

During piano lessons, students learn the fundamentals of proper hand positioning, finger movements, seating posture, and how to coordinate the left and right hand. Students will learn the lines and spaces on the staff and how to relate them to the keys on the piano. Students will master the understanding of rests, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, key signatures, and acquire a musical style of their own. 

Guitar Lessons 

(Recommended Ages 7+)

During Guitar lessons with Diva Music Studios, you will learn the fundamentals of your guitar along with how to relate it to music notes on the staff. You will learn proper hand positions, note reading and chord positions while gaining a knowledge and understanding of your rhythmic instrument. Although a guitar has strings, it is a rhythm instrument! You will acquire an understanding of dynamics and tempo, and before you know it, your own musical style will begin to shine through!

Ukulele Lessons 

(Recommended Ages 5+)

The ukulele is ​a popular instrument among young aspiring musicians as well as musicians of all ages. Not only is the ukulele a rhythmic instrument, but it is also an amazing gateway to music for the young musician. You will learn the names of strings, proper hand positioning, note reading and chords. Learn you favorite songs on ukulele with Diva Music Studios!

Sight Singing

(Recommended Ages 7+)

Learn your Do Re Mi's and everything in between with Diva Music Studios! DMS teaches the "Movable Do" method, where you will learn the theory behind solfege and how put it into action! Sight singing is the number one musical skill that will set you apart from other singers. Prepare for auditions or NYSSMA performances that require you to sing a never before seen passage, with Diva Music Studios!

Music Theory

(Recommended Ages 5+)

Learn your key signatures, time signatures, rhythms, dynamic markings and so much more with DMS! We break down the science behind the music in simple, easy to understand theory lessons that will help you to become a knowledgeable and well rounded musician.